Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches

Gansbaai, South Africa

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Another beautiful spot, with miles of white sand and dramatic cliffs. So beautiful in fact, that you’d think working for the Gansbaai Tourist Office would be a breeze. It has all these features, and it’s also the Great White Shark capital of the world. Who wouldn’t want to visit?Well, people who are afraid of sharks for one. Maybe it’s just me, but selling a beach as being the Shark Capital of the World is a bit like selling a restaurant as being Cockroach HQ. Just look at this terrifying photo of a shark stalking a kayak, taken at Gansbaai – doesn’t it make your blood run a little bit cold? It’s been said that the photo has been faked, but the photographer denies this and also says that sharks don’t attack kayaks. So that’s a bit reassuring, but I’m still not rushing to visit.