Top 10 Most Dangerous Beaches

Southern Mindanao Islands, Philippines

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What happens when you venture “off the grid”? Well, book a trip to some of the more remote islands of the Philippines and you might find out. Away from the tourist destinations like Siargao, you might think there are exciting new places to discover and you’d be right, but not exciting in a good way. The southern end of the Mindanao Islands are frequented by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, who have been in a state of “All Out War” with President Estrada since 2000. In that time in one province, 45% of residents have reported their homes being destroyed, while 16% have known of witnesses to crimes being killed. So, your survival chances as a Western tourist? Depends whether the MILF are in need of a hostage that week or not…Oh, and there are pirates about as well. Again, in a tourist-kidnapping sense. Still, lovely beaches…