Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

Harem Pants


If there was ever a trend that deserved to stay dead, it was harem pants. Pioneered by MC Hammer, the defining characteristic of the harem pant is the excess material in the crotch, giving it a saggy look. This is neatly counterbalanced by the tightness of the ankle. If anyone can tell me why this is cool, I’ll give you some kind of prize.But these things happened in the heady days of the 80s/90s crossover so that’s forgiveable, right? No! Because harem pants came back a few years ago and they are still here, giving that unflattering toddler look to grown women around the world. They are available on Forever 21 right now, where some ironically-minded buyer has named the line “Forever Cool”. They really aren’t. But they sure are practical if you don’t like your trousers dragging in puddles when it rains…