Top 10 Newsmakers of 2012

The Brutal Gang Rape Incident in New Delhi, India

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Before the close of the year, another horrible incident that occurred in India has drawn sympathy not just from the citizens of the country, but also from different parts of the world. A 23-year old lady was gang-raped and almost died from the beating of an iron rod that her helpless body received. The terrifying ordeal that she received from her tormentors did not end just like that. Her body was thrown like garbage into a moving bus to finish everything. The angst of the people are being thrown now to the government and to the lawmakers of India because of the declining conviction response in majority of the rape cases in the country from 44% in 1973 down to the lowest record in 2010 of 26%. There are allegedly 6 men who caused the misfortune and affliction to this young lady. The question now is that would this case be included as a forgotten truth before the magistrate? Time will tell if justice will be served.