Top 10 Most Insane Adverts

Little Baby’s Ice Cream

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While we’re on the subject of babies, this ad for Little Baby’s Ice Cream was also an internet hit, with 1.5million hits in 3 days. But it was also deeply, deeply creepy, featuring a man entirely man of ice cream eating himself. Cause, yknow, their ice cream tastes so damn good that it would eat it even if it meant self-cannibalism. There were a pair of ads, the other one being an ice cream man licking a smaller ice cream man in a cone, who was also licking an even smaller ice cream man….and it pulled out to reveal that the first man was also being licked by a bigger ice cream man…and so on.The creator of the ad describes it as “the right kind of creepy” and says “It’s pretty twisted but they are actually lobotomizing themselves as the ad proceeds”. So, if even the man who came up with the idea thinks it’s creepy and twisted, what are the rest of us meant to think? It takes a lot to put me off eating ice cream, but this might just have done it.