Top Ten Mistakenly Harmful Inventions

Otto Lilienthal’s Glider

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First, it must be mentioned that this guy was called the Glider King and sported king-sized marbles to do the things he did. Otto made gliders and tossed himself off high places in the name of progress. His work would later be referred to as instrumental by the Wright brothers, two boys from North Carolina who didn’tfail. Be that as it may, Mr. Lilienthal died during a gliding flight. His legacy is that he made the possibility of flying man practical, if not a bit hazardous. With a last name reminiscent of a Middle-earth elf, Otto Lilienthal is the one person on this list that might make a top ten list of inventors as well as the one before you. Here is an example that the road to inventive greatness is paved in cobblestones of failure.