Top 10 Paralympics Moments in 2012

The Unparallel Strength of David Weir


David Weir has continued to impress millions or even billions of spectators during the Paralympics 2012 where he is known as a wheelchair athlete. In fact, he was able to secure the last spot, and fourth gold during the T54 marathon. He did not just gain from his fans, his country, and even those who have witnessed the performance, enthusiasm, and perseverance to outlast, outwit, and outshine his foes. It was not just a victory for him, but a pride to all other Paralympic athletes because the strength that he has shown and manifested was attestation of the hardwork that he and other Paralympians have made prior to this great event. He has shown it when he won 6 gold medals in 2008 Paralympic games, and reaffirmed that victory when he had done it again for this year’s Paralympic event. He is already 33 years old, but the fire and desire of winning did not put him aback despite of trials that he had hurdle in the past.