Top 10 Paralympics Moments in 2012

The Incredible High-Jump

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If you are amazed seeing an able-bodied athlete performing majestic and incredible routines in a high-jump competition, then, you could have been in awed if you have watched the different angles of high-jump that Paralympic athletes have shown during the Paralympics 2012. It was done on the first Saturday which they called as Super Saturday held at the Olympic Stadium. It’s more than a high-jump because it has triple jump, long jump, and high jump levels. Each athlete was given three opportunities or attempts to showcase on this competition, and would be graded based on the height of the beam. Imagine that most of them have to go through beyond the bar level in order to knock it off. Hence, they have to show off flawless and perfect jump which includes the run-up and a take-off. Its indeed breathtaking to see them jump to the air, calculating their balance, with their imbalance physical abilities, but they were able to do it.