Top 10 Nominees for CNN Heroes of 2012

Connie Siskowski

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Caregiver service is known to be very expensive, especially to older members of the community that wanted to ask for full-time assistance from registered nurses or medical practitioners. However, when a loved one has no one to turn to, they rely on the support and help of their children, where they are helped by doing lots of home chores, and even assisting them to take their medicines, have a bath, and even cleaning out every mess made. Majority of kids who dwell in this situation think that taking care of their parents and loved ones are more important than studying. Connie Siskowski of the American Society of Caregiving Youth believes otherwise, which is why her organization is providing assistance and study sessions for these children so that they are not left out, despite of giving their time to those who matters most to them. She had experienced the same thing, where she even woke up at 2am one time, and finding out that he died. This event shaped her professional career and her passion to help those kids whose education is compromised