Top 10 Nominees for CNN Heroes of 2012

Thulani Madondo

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Kliptown is known to be one of the ironies in Africa as this slum community, populated by over 40,000 people, is found just 15 miles away from Johannesburg. This is the place where Thulani Madondo lived all of his days where he had experienced firsthand, the struggles that kids like him encounter, especially when it comes to having decent education. Although his other siblings have been forced to drop out of high school due to financial challenges, he did not allow it to get the best of him. He washed cars, and even worked as a stock boy in order to sustain his educational expenses. It was already difficult in high school and definitely worse in college. He was never able to study in a university, which opted him and the other students to create an organization that would assist and support the needs of those who have encountered his same trials. KYP now accommodates over 400 kids where they have access to a library, 300 internet-ready laptops, and other after school activities that enrich culture, music, the arts, and others. It was Kliptown helping Kliptown, and Madondo helped fulfilled this promise.