Top 10 States With the Most Coastline



The number 10 slot on our list was a difficult choice – three states averaged at number 11.5 over the two lists. But Virginia, which came in 15th on the Method 1 list and 8th on the Method 2 list, had a higher average amount of coastline than its two competitors. It really shows up the difference between measuring inlets or not – without inlets the state has just 112 miles of coastline, but add in Chesapeake Bay and the various tidal estuaries around it and suddenly the figure is 3,315 miles. So, split the difference and it’s still an impressive 1713 miles, dwarfing the averages of South Carolina (1531 miles) and Washington (1591 miles).  And the state of Virginia seems proud of its miles of “clean beaches, outdoor recreation…and coastal cuisine.” so they would probably err towards the bigger figure!