Top 10 Ways to Get Her Hooked

Become the Best Man You Can Be


If you want to succeed with women, you need to master the art of self-improvement.  Most men want to have more — or better — women in their lives. However, they don’t know how to make it happen.  Many men think it takes movie-star looks and rock-star money to attract desirable women, the sad truth of this being however that most just simply have no clue how to beckon such women. It’s not pickup lines or fancy clothes or losing a few pounds, if you really want to get an attractive woman to notice you, take the time to develop something unique and interesting about yourself. Who you really are on the inside plays a bigger role in your dating life than any superficial fixes. Showing a woman that you’re a gentleman is a powerful way to stand out from the crowd, and the smallest gestures go a very long way. Open a door for her and pull out a chair. Make sure you walk on the outside of the sidewalk. Put your hand on the small of her back when walking into a restaurant or across the street. You won’t believe how quickly these small things set you apart from 99% of other men.