Top 10 Motor Racing Circuits

Indianapolis Motor Speedway


To look at the layout of this track, you wouldn’t really think much of it – it’s an oval, with four round corners and nothing else, but it has an impressive history. Built in 1909, it was the first “Speedway” in the world and saw drama from its first racing event. Halfway through the first 250mile race on August 19, Louis Chevrolet got a stone in the face which smashed his goggles and temporarily blinded him. Then Wilfred Bourque flipped his car and crashed into a fence post, killing both him and his mechanic. After a disastrous first day, officials threatened to cancel the rest of the event, but the second day passed without accidents and some speed records were broken. Then on the third day, as people gathered for a 350mile grand finale, Charlie Metz’s tyre blew out, causing him to crash into fenceposts, killing two spectators and his mechanic. Ten laps later, Bruce Keen also crashed into a bridge support, thanks to a pothole in the track.Luckily, the safety record at the track has much improved since those dramatic first days! It is now the highest-capacity stadium-type facility in the world, with a permanent capacity of 257,325, and it is home to the Indianapolis 500mile race, as well as the Brickyard 400.