Top 10 Honey Producing Countries in the World



There are different honey producers or suppliers in Spain, but some of its topmost brands are Vitalis Honey Syrup, and Honey Thousand Flowers. In fact, it’s a favorite ingredient in making turron and its part of the traditional Christmas celebration in all their confectionaries. It ranked number 10 as to its recent survey for meeting a total production of honey for about 37,000. You could find multi-flower honeys specifically in Southern part of Spain especially in the province of Granada or Andalusia. This is the place where you could found the rich sources of honey like in avocado, chestnut, orange blossom honey, rosemary, and thyme. Hence, Spain considered Galicia as the best place in Spain where you could find the best and popular honey which is made of blackberry, chestnut, and heather. This is the biggest and largest production figures that they have achieved, and their lowest output recorded was the 2005 record of 27,230 volume of honey. There are about 40 companies that produce over 20 tons of honey in Spain.