Top 10 Highest Lakes In The World

Damavand Pool, Iran


The Damavand Pool can be found on Mount Damavand, a volcano that’s said to have magical powers in the “Shahnameh”, a significant work of literature by the Persian poet Ferdowsi. In Persian mythology, it symbolizes Persia (now Iran)’s independence and its rejection of any forces who would wish to conquer the land. The mountain frequently recurs in Persian literature, as in the eponymous poem by Mohammad-Taqí Bah?r, where it’s described as “dome of the world”.The pool itself sits 5,650m above sea level in the crater summit of the mountain. Most of the year it is frozen, but sometimes melts during the summer to form an icy pool. It’s a rare sight, due to its height and frozen nature most of the year round, but is worth the climb to see!