Top 10 Awe Inspiring NASA Photos

Earthrise, 1968


As the fourth picture of Earth to be considered one of NASA’s greatest ever photos, Earthrise was taken during the Apollo 8 mission, 1968. The endeavor was a groundbreaking event that set the tone for mankind’s eventual landing on the moon. This image was taken while the crew of the Apollo orbited the moon during Christmas time. Their public broadcast on Christmas Eve was the highest viewed television program at the time. The mission was meticulously documented, including the audio track of when the “Earthrise” picture was taken. Listening to the audio while looking at the picture provides a clear imprint of the awe these guys felt when documenting this event. As you listen, try to wipe clean the desensitized characteristic of a generation diluted by pop culture and cookie cutter music. Back when “Earthrise” was taken, people still knew how to dream. Like the original “Blue Marble” picture, “Earthrise” inspired environmental activists to fight for preservation of a vulnerable Earth.