10 Heinous Murders Committed By Minors

John Katehis US, Age: 16


In March 2009, 16-year-old John Katehis placed an ad on Craigslist offering sex in exchange for money. Forty-seven-year-old ABC News Radio reporter George Weber responded to that ad. He and Katehis began exchanging e-mails, and agreed on a $60 fee for Katehis to bind Weber, and suffocate him, while Katehis performed oral sex on him. Katehis said that when he arrived at Weber’s apartment, Weber gave him alcohol and cocaine. When it came time for the rough sex to begin, Katehis said that’s when things got out of hand, and Weber pulled a knife on him. They struggled over the knife and Katehis, in fear for his life, grabbed it and stabbed Weber once in the neck. Katehis, now covered in blood, changed into some of Weber’s clothes and fled the scene. While attempting to take the train, the conductor saw his bleeding left hand and called police. Katehis told police he had cut his hand on a bottle and was going to the hospital. The police, not having evidence of anything sinister, believed him and let him go. Weber’s body was found later that day after coworkers became worried when he did not show up for work and was not answering his phone. Katehis quickly became a suspect after his correspondence with Weber was found. Katehis was arrested after his father, who was working with law enforcement, told his son to meet him and he would give him some money.Autopsy and toxicology reports discredited Katehis’s version of events. Weber was not stabbed once in the neck as he claimed, but was stabbed over 50 times in the neck and torso. His feet were bound, and his underwear was at his feet. He had defensive marks on his hands as he tried his best to fight off his killer. There was also no cocaine found in his or Katehis’s system. Katehis was charged with second-degree murder and tried as an adult. The first trial resulted in a mistrial. In 2011, he had a retrial and was convicted. He was sentenced to 25 years to life.