10 Heinous Murders Committed By Minors

Mathieu Moulinas France, Age: 17

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Seventeen-year-old Mathieu Moulinas lured a 16-year-old friend into the woods on August 2, 2010 under the premise that he had the money he owed her. Once the two reached the forest, he sexually assaulted the girl with a vibrator he found in his parents’ room. He was sentenced to four months in a treatment facility. He was released after therapists stated he was no longer a threat, on the conditions that he would seek treatment for his drug abuse and anger issues and move to another area. This leniency would later be determined to be a huge mistake. On November 11, 2011, Mathieu and a 13-year-old schoolmate, Agnes Marin, went for a walk in the forest. Once Mathieu had her in the forest, he sexually assaulted her, stabbed her multiple times, and set her body on fire with gasoline. The prosecution called the murder “particularly violent and brutal.” After Agnes’s murder, there was a huge controversy and public outrage at the school that had accepted Mathieu after his sexual assault conviction. The school, Cevenol International, denied any knowledge of his past, but his father stated that he told the school his son had “acts of sexual aggression.” Prime Minister Francois Fillon was outraged at the school and demanded that it no longer be possible for a student with a criminal history to be admitted, unless the exact criminal record was explained in detail to the headmaster.Mathieu was sentenced on June 28, 2013 to life imprisonment. The jury listened to the prosecution’s plea that they not the grant the benefit of minority.