10 Child Stars Gone Bad

Brad Renfro

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Brad Barron Renfro (1982-2008), was an American actor. He started his career at the age of 12 in the lead role of Joel Schumacher’s “The Client”. After his big break he was starred amongst many famous actors in different movies making him a successful actor of his time. Renfro and his cousin were arrested and charged on June 3, 1998, with drug possession. They were carrying two small bags of cocaine and a bag of marijuana. He tried to avoid the trial by agreeing to be screened randomly for drugs. Once again Renfro was arrested alongside his friend Harold Bond who were trying to steal a 45-foot yacht from the Fort Lauderdale Harbour. Brad got arrested again on January 14, 2002, for violation of his probation on charges of public intoxication and driving without a license in Knoxville. As a result he was put into a three month substance abuse treatment program. He was arrested yet again in December 2005 for the possession of heroin. Renfro admitted that he was using heroine at that time. He pleaded guilty to the charges in court, for which he was sentenced to probation. In 2006, he committed the same crime for which he spent 10 days in jail. He died in 2008 due to an overdose of heroin.