10 Child Stars Gone Bad

Todd Bridges

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Todd Anthony Bridges, 46 is an American actor and a former child star. Many know him by his childhood character’s name Willis Jackson from the series Different Strokes. Todd was the first African-American child actor to have a lead role on a successful TV series, “The Waltons”. During his 20s, he fought off a crack cocaine addiction. In 1988, he had been charged and arrested for the attempted murder of a Los Angeles drug dealer named Kenneth “Tex” Clay, but was acquitted of all charges due to testimony of a witness who said that Todd was not present at the time of shooting. In 1993, Bridges was yet again involved in a murder scene against David Joseph Kitchen, who had brought a 15 year old girl to his house. According to bridges, David tried to attack him with a sword to which he defended himself by stabbing David in the chest, due to which he was again said not guilty because of self-defence act. His legal troubles started from 1983 till 1997, in which he was arrested for concealing a weapon, for making a bomb threat against a car dealership, putting a gun on his mechanic during a dispute over a bill. In a positive change of pace, in 2001 Bridges made headlines by rescuing a woman who had fallen out of her wheelchair while fishing.