10 Flop Films Based on Best Sellers and Award Winning Novels

Nights in Rodanthe By Nicholas Sparks

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Nights in Rodanthe, written by Nicholas Sparks was published in September 2002 by Warner Books to a commercial success. The novel was Spark’s first one to hit number one on the best-sellers chart. The novel was complemented and praised for it’s emotional depth by the critics.In 2008 an American/Australian film was released with the same name, based on the novel . The movie mostly got negative reviews. Rotten tomatoes rated the movie as “rotten”, with a score of 29% based on 106 reviews.Metacritic scored the film as 39/100. The movie grossed $84,375,061 worldwide despite being critically panned.The Times of London included Nights in Rodanthe on its 100 Worst Films of 2008 list. The novel tells the story of a doctor who on his way to see his estranged son sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn.