Top Ten Best MLB Pitchers of All Time

Christy Matthewson


Known perhaps for his demeanor as well as his ability, Christy Matthewson, or otherwise known as ‘Matty’, was one of the games earliest and best pitchers. Compiling a 373 win career with an average ERA (earned run average) of just 2.13, Matthewson was certainly one of the most statistically successful pitchers of all time. The only knock on Matty is that he played during what is called “the dead-ball era”, a time when there was little in the way of run scoring and thus ERA’s were often quite low, even for less talented pitchers. Considered the inventor of the Screwball (or as he called it “the Fadeaway”) Matthewson left an impression on baseball that cannot be denied. A war hero who never pitched on Sundays, Matthewson passed away of tuberculosis at the age of 45.