Top 10 Weirdest Laws in the World

Be careful of the chicks in Kentucky

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No, they are not referring to women. They are referring to baby chickens. In Kentucky, one is not allowed to sell any baby chicks, ducklings, any other fowl or rabbits that are below 3 months of age. However there is a catch there. One will not be allowed to sell any number be less than six chicks or six ducklings. So if you want to sell eight, you are fine. But two? You commit a crime. The law for poultry does not only apply to those selling. Those buying also have some rules to follow. For buyers, they are not allowed to dye any of the baby fowl or rabbits. Targeted for people who sell animals that have been colored, this law has actually been implemented in other states as well. In fact, should someone be found selling or buying these colored animals, a hefty fine of $500 will be posted on the trader. This one might be one of the unique laws, but this one protects the rights of the animals equal to human individual rights.