10 Most Viral Music Videos in 2011

Friday – Rebbecca Black


Rebbecca Black surprised us with high class entertainment by the name of ‘Friday’ being constantly repeated throughout the song and creating awareness of how many days are there in a week and by what name are they called. Also not to forget her confusion on which seat should she take in her friends car or what her daily routine is. Classic, no?‘Friday’ got a whooping 22,166,537 hits on YouTube and it could have been more if YouTube hadn’t removed the video for a while. Who knows, even YouTube might’ve had ears to spare from Rebbecca Blacks killing voice. Since it got released Rebecca has earned enormous fan following who love her just like everyone loves Justin Beaver, but hey! I think anyone who entertains everyone in any way that might be, has a lot of guts to do so. So Rebbecca, keep spreading your serious humor!