Top 10 Weirdest Ben and Jerry’s Flavors

Black & Tan


How do you manage to be both controversial and a bit disgusting in the one ice-cream? Black & Tan might be the answer! Basing a flavor on a drink that itself is a bit gross is a good start – the Black & Tan is a mixture of pale ale and a darker stout, like Guinness. The stout sits at the top, while the pale ale sits at the bottom, creating a kind of beery tequila-sunset effect. Why anyone feels the need to mix their beers up is one question and why Ben & Jerry’s would choose to mimic it in ice-cream form is another.But the real controversy came from the choice of name. While Black & Tans are drunk in the US, they are not popular in Ireland. The reason for that is that “Black and Tan” was the name given to the brutal British paramilitary force that made up part of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Their vicious attacks against Irish civilians meant that the name Black & Tan stirred up some very unwelcome memories in the Irish markets. Surprisingly, it wasn’t popular!