Top 10 Female Cartoon Villains

Angelica, Rugrats


Angelica is the cousin to main Rugrat Tommy Pickles. Her mother is a dominating business woman who knows what she wants and accepts no excuses for not getting it. She wants everything for her daughter as well, so Angelica has developed the nasty little selfish streak you see in such spoiled kids. But she’s not just spoiled, she’s evil. Sure, she’s never pulled a heist, but I think at this stage in her life tricking Chucky into thinking swallowing a seed will cause his demise is evil enough for qualification. You’ve got to allow for her young age. Age matters more than scope at this point. So Angelica’s evil doesn’t span much beyond throwing mud, but have your heard some of the lies this girl can spin? She’s viscious! She’s a Maleficent in the making.