Top 10 Hilarious Video Game Memes

Mario Perseverance

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Good thing that you can actually use Warp Zones located in certain undergrounds in the Super Mario Game, in order to chase the princess located inside the castle of the 8th world. But in case you resorted to completing the whole game with no warps and finishing one stage after another until 8-4, then you may have noticed that Bowser is too smart for moving the princess from one castle to another, keeping a Mushroom retainer in her place OVER SEVEN TIMES… Just imagine that you have to avoid all the fire-spitting tube piranha plants, firebars, and even podoboos you come across just to know that you are facing a fake boss in the castle. Well, they say that perseverance can do anything and you can reach your goal in the end, even if it seemed too tiring to do.