Top 10 Graffiti/Music Crossovers

Modern Life is Rubbish


In 1993, minor indie band Blur released a minor indie album, entitled Modern Life is Rubbish. The songs were chirpy and upbeat, for the most part, but the subject matter was the mediocrity of life in the 90s – having a sleep after Sunday lunch and getting lost on the ugly highways of West London (the Westway). Its working title was “Britain vs America”, to reflect the impatience that lead singer Damon Albarn was feeling with the tail end of grunge. But then he saw a piece of graffiti near their Bayswater studios, saying “Modern Life is Rubbish” and he thought it was the most profound statement anyone had ever made since Anarchy in the UK. The album was a minor success, but it paved the way for their next album, “Parklife” which would catapult the band to super-stardom.