Top 10 Most Interesting Geothermal Areas in the World

El Tatio, Chile


The Tatio Geysers are found on the Andes Mountains. Setting them apart from the rest of the list is that they are at the highest altitude out of all the hotspots mentioned (although the Puchuldiza Geyser Field, also in Chile, is even higher up). At 4,200 meters up, El Tatio sports an impressive display of eighty plus geysers, making it the third largest geyser field in the world. Having numerous geysers in a relatively tight area means that none of them erupt with an excessive amount of force. Instead, they shoot only a handful of meters high, tops. The field is hazardous, though, since thin layers of dried crust can conceal boiling mud. A guide is highly recommended. Like many of the geothermal sites in the world, El Tatio has been a point of contention between those who would harness it for power and those who rely on the field for its touristic value.