Top 10 Cherry Producing Countries in the World

Russia (66,700 tones)

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When it comes to sour cherries, Russia is on the top of the list followed by Poland, Turkey, and Ukraine. In fact, they are contributing 16% compared to Turkey that shares 11%. There is a decreased reported in 2010 by 3%, which was far different from the 19% increase it had in 2009. One of the noted causes of its decline is the advantage of shipments being done in the American West Coast, and the lower imports added to that decrease. They made an improvement in 2011 because of the 80% increase in volume that equates to 157% value. Hence, they hold the title as the number one importer of cherries in the world, while they are also known as the second largest importer of peaches as part of the type fruits that they are growing and utilizing which includes apricot and plum as well.