Top 10 US States to Avoid if You’re Afraid of Lightning



Let’s start with home of the Rockies, Colorado. As you look at the statistics for the number of strikes Colorado receives, it seems way down the league from some of the other states. With average yearly flashes of 517,539 it’s only 17th on the list for regularity, and when it comes to strikes per sq mile of state, it’s only 32nd!So why does it appear on the list of ” Most dangerous states“? Maybe because there are 394 recorded deaths and injuries for the state! Yup, when it comes to death by lightning, Colorado’s stats are impressive. There were 24 deaths from 2002 through 2011, which made it the second most deadly state in that time period. When it came to deaths per million people, it also came 2nd.For a state with such low occurrences of lightning, that’s a high mortality rate. It might be because so much of Colorado is mountainous – if you’re caught on an open mountain top during a lightning strike, it’s a pretty grim situation. So if you’re visiting Colorado and you’re not keen on lightning, stay away from those mountains!