Films You Wish Disney Would Make

#10 Tangled 2


After Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder finally get their happy ending in the Disney’s film “Tangled”, they get married in the short sequel titled “Tangled Ever After”. With a romantic kiss, both of them finally live happily ever after together. Too bad the duration of this short film is only about 5-6 minutes. We want more stories and adventures of them. If Disney makes the full sequel of Tangled, it will be the best day ever! It will tell the next adventures that happen to Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, Pascal, and Maximus. After all, we are also curious about Rapunzel’s life as a real Princess, not just the lost one who is trapped in a tower with a selfish old woman who only thinks about herself. Check out through the next pages to see other films you wish Disney would make. You know you want to watch them all on the screen.