Top 10 World’s Youngest Billionaires in 2013

Ayman Hariri


He might be the son of the former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in Lebanon who was slain, but he made his way up to the top because of his efforts to assume the responsibilities in leading and managing his family’s major businesses. He is just 34 years old with one child and happily enjoying his married life. Nonetheless, the 34-year old billionaire was ranked at number 1088 in the Forbes’ lists of billionaires in the world for 2013, has also grabbed the 10th spot for the youngest billionaires for garnering $1.35 billion net worth for having a construction group, real estate, and telecom businesses. It boosted his total earnings when Saudi Oger procured the $653 million contract beginning of the year 2013, where he is actively involved in the management and running of it. In fact, this is the major source of wealth not just for Mr. Hariri, but for the family. He completed Bachelor of Arts at Georgetown University.