Top 10 Genius Presidents and Monarchy Leaders

The 7th President Dr. Ing. Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie


Who would have thought that the young man who had been an orphan at an early age of 14 would be the next President of Indonesia? He finished aerospace engineering where he received Germany’s first-degree certificate, which is equaled to a master’s degree in 1960 at RWTH Aachen University where he also earned his doctorate. He was well respected in this labor where he became a noted genius at age 32, when he made a probable solution when he proposed and explicitly detailed the Krack Habibie Progression that gave a distinct solution to avoid and lessen plane crashes. He had been acquainted in scientific studies and received various scholarships. He became the President of Indonesia in 1998 when Suharto stepped down from being President where he was the Vice President that time. Everything ended that same year when his accountability speech was rejected during the MPR General Session in October of 1998.