Top 10 Weirdest Museums in London

Wellcome Collection


This museum was created out of the collection of Sir Henry Wellcome who was, by all  accounts, somewhat of an eccentric. As well as changing the face of modern medicine by inventing the tablet, he also traveled widely and had a penchant for dressing up. Not anything weird, you understand…just the odd Native American headdress or maybe a monk’s robe. Somewhere along the line, he amassed a huge collection of artifacts, mostly related to medicine. A small part of the complete collection is on display at the Wellcome Collection building today – there are thousands of glass jars and other objects still stored elsewhere.The permanent collection includes a real mummy, a torture chair and Napoleon’s toothbrush. Other pieces around the building showcase the work of contemporary artists such as Anthony Gormley and the temporary exhibitions cover a wide range of subjects. Recent exhibits have included “Skin”, which may have caused a few first-aid calls after visitors fainted, and “Death”. This is not for the faint hearted! But it’s a fascinating take on medicine and science’s relationship with art. There is also the “Medicine Now” gallery, with interactive exhibits. A fun one for the whole family, but be prepared to answer some awkward questions from the kids!