Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

Mick Jagger

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Now, I may have mentioned the possibility that some of these celebrities overindulged in drugs at some point in their career. The Rolling Stones frontman would be a prime example of that – at the height of their fame in the 60s, the Rolling Stones partied harder than anyone else. While camping at Glastonbury with Marianne Faithfull, he saw a “rare, luminous cigar-shaped mothership.” (according to Michael C.Luckma). Jagger subsequently installed a UFO detector on his estate, and it went off every time he left home, leading him to conclude that the surrounding area was full of electromagnetic energy.Clearly, the aliens were as interested in Mick as he was in them. The year after Glastonbury, they visited him again, hovering over the ill-fated Altamont concert. Any correlation with the amount of Class-A substances in his system was purely coincidental.