Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Had Close Encounters With Aliens

John Lennon

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Another musician who may have experienced drug-fuelled hallucinations is the Beatle John Lennon. In 1974, he was in New York with his companion May Pang, when they both saw a blimp-sized object, topped with a red light, moving down the East River. Apparently, they both knew it was a UFO.That wasn’t John’s only encounter with extra-terrestrials. According to the British magician Uri Geller, John encountered some aliens in his New York apartment, who showed him his entire life in movie-form and gave him an object to remember them by. May Pang also says that John thought he’d been abducted by aliens as a child in Liverpool, and that’s what made him different to other people. So did he die in December 1980 or was it also a cover-up so that the aliens could come back and get him? Who knows?