Top 10 Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Baintha Brakk


One indication that a mountain is difficult to climb is how many times it’s been summited…hence the appearance of Baintha Brakk in this list. The 7,285m steep peak in Pakistan has only been conquered 3 timers, despite numerous attempts. The last successful ascent was last year, in September 2012, and there was a gap of 24 years between the two other ascents in 1977 and 2001. By contrast, Everest is summited 300 times a year. It is an extremely steep and rocky climb, with the South Face rising 3km in only 2 km horizontal distance. Even the Britons who conquered the mountain in 1977 paid the price for it on the descent – one broke both legs, the other contracted pneumonia and broke 2 ribs. A mountain to tackle if low odds of success motivate you!