Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Who are Famous in their Own Right

Sofia Coppola

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Another family who are heavily involved in the movie industry are the Coppolas. But while Francis Ford Coppola directed heavy-going Vietnam films (“Apocalypse Now”) and meaty Mafia trilogies (“The Godfather”), Sofia’s tastes are a little more wistful. Her debut film as Director was “The Virgin Suicides” – a pastel-toned, nostalgic look at the short lives of five sisters in the 70s. Then she captured the neon craziness of Tokyo in “Lost in Translation“, which essentially was about Bill Murray sitting in a hotel room. She has her own distinctive style of directing, and mixed amounts of success, but her father’s hand is never far from her films. At least three of them bear the name “Francis Ford Coppola” in the Executive Producer spot. She’s not quite broken free of her father yet….!