Top 10 Fictional Rock Bands

Sex Bob-Omb


From the 2010 film, and the comics before that, Sex Bob-Omb is the name of Scott Pilgrim’s band, featuring himself,a  female drummer called Kim and Stephen Stills who is known as “The Talent”. They also have their own groupie, Young Neil and the Scott Pilgrim wiki describes them as “neither wildly popular nor terrible”. They were born out of an earlier band called Sonic and Knuckles, and once played with Envy Adams who went on to become a proper rock star in a band called The Clash at Demonhead.As fake bands go, they’re a pretty convincing one, with the infighting and lameness that most people will remember from being in a teenage band themselves. Kim does a great line in banging her sticks together and shouting “One..Two…Three….Four!”