Top 10 Fictional Rock Bands


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The music of Driveshaft, however, may bring peace but only because it’s mind-numbingly dull. A band that featured in surreal island-based TV show “Lost” as the bassist Charlie was on board flight Oceanic 815 as it crashed over the Pacific. Charlie turns out to be a heroin addict but really, that’s the most interesting thing about this band.Flashbacks of them showed them playing turgid MOR song “You All Everybody” which somehow sent the crowds wild, but didn’t feature many lyrics apart from the title. You would have thought a show as full of words as “Lost” (and most of the words were pretty superfluous) would have writers that could put together a decent couple of lines for their fake band, but no. But they did come up with the idea of putting Charlie in black nail varnish – because he’s so edgy.