Top 10 Fictional Rock Bands

Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

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This band, on the other hand, rocked. Featuring the eponymous Dr Teeth, the glamorous hippy chick Janice, guitarist Floyd and saxophonist Zoot, they wowed the crowds at the Muppet Show for years. Described as show creator Jim Henson as “Rock act – far-out, elaborate weird equipment, big amps…” they encapsulated the psychedelic sound of the late 60s bands like The Doors and Pink Floyd (there may have been a subtle nod to the latter band in the guitarist’s name.)Of course, the secret weapon of the Electric Mayhem band was their drummer, Animal. Based partly on Keith Moon, he had a style that was way-out and experimental. And also very, very loud. He was an amicable band member as long as no-one upset him or stopped him drumming, and a good person to have on your side as freaky-necked Beaker found out when heckling threatened to drown out his rendition of “Feelings” (Animal intervened with a bellow of “Quiet”). A legendary drummer for a legendary band.