Top 10 Causes of Mental Illness

Poor Nutrition


You may not believe it, but poor nutrition leads or affects not just physical health, but mental condition. In fact, whatever we take-in to our body, the brain responses in to it that would results to the kind of behavior that we show, the moods that we have, and the overall function of our brain. In order for you to understand this cause, imagine, or recall the time that you’ve felt that you were hungry and you can’t eat anything. Of course, the irritation and annoyance of wanting to eat is expected at its high rate since that is an immediate need. It is expected that mood and responses are not unlikely if you are placed in that situation. Hence, if we have sufficiently take food that have required amount of energy, it creates positive mood, and it is evident on the level of interaction of anyone to people. It becomes possible because of the neurotransmitter because it stores levels of chemicals which are dependent on the amount of food that we take.