Top 10 Most Controversial Issues of Motherhood

Home schooling


Home schooling or home-based education is common among mothers. Unlike schooling in a formal setting, home schooling involves staying at home and doing assignments given by a tutor. Though this practice has been adopted as an alternative form of education in other nations, most people still believe that going to a formal school is better than staying at home to study.Some parents opt for home based education for their children for a broad range of reasons. Most of the time, mothers who opt for home schooling for their children are those who would not want their children to get bullied in crowded classrooms. Also, these mothers believe that it is better to study at home because it is more conducive for learning and it helps children achieve better focus when studying. This is hardly possible in a classroom setting, where 30-50 students normally crowd a single classroom and not everyone gets the same attention from the teacher.