Top 10 Songs that You Should Not Play on Father’s Day

Cats in the Cradle


This is Harry Chapin 1974 folk song that was actually a poem written by his wife Sandra Gaston about the relationship of his wife first husband to his father. His wife got the inspiration too from the country songs that she has heard on radio. However, at first he was scared to admit that this song was also about the relationship that he has with his son Josh. The song is about the coming of the son into the family of this father, but the father does not have the time to check on his son because of the bills that he had to pay. The father was focus working. The child grew and he was yearning to be with his dad. And when the time comes that this father retired from his work, and his son had his own family, he called his son so he can be with him, but his son grew up to be like him because he can’t be with his father too because he had lots of things to take care too.