Top 10 Songs that You Should Not Play on Father’s Day

The Living Years

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This is actually the second album of Mike + The Mechanics which was recorded and released in 1988. This song was written by Mike Rutherford who got inspired to wrote this song after his father died. It was a song of personal relationships that he and his siblings had with his father. He recalled that they were not that close to his father because of his strictness who was a retired naval captain. His father was punctual, disciplined, and very orderly. This had been evident on how his father set rules in their home and that includes banning him from playing guitar and he was even sent to the school that he did not like when he turned 13. His father was not always at home because of job responsibilities and assignments. He later realized that he was following the footsteps of his father. When his father died, he wished that he could have followed what his wife had said to call his father and talk to him. It was too late for him, and that’s the idea of the song. He said that he wanted to say the words “I love you” to his father, but it was too late for him.