Top 10 Banned Songs

My Generation – The Who


The 1960s were the golden age of banning songs – music was becoming ever more controversial and at the same time, broadcasters were run by people born in the 1920s, with 1950s morals. It was a clash that was bound to end in heavy censorship, especially in Britain where the ex-public schoolboys that ran the BBC cringed at the very mention of rebellion.And along came The Who, who were exactly the kind of band engineered to upset those BBC types. With Keith Moon drumming insanely, and legendary parties that ended up with TVs being thrown out of windows, The Who thrilled teenagers and upset teenagers’ parents. So, it didn’t take much to get a single banned, and “My Generation” had it all – a rebellious message, some fake swearing and a tic that was bound to offend stammerers. Yes, it was the last bit that got it banned. The line “Won’t you all just f-f-f-fade away” was seen to be offensive not because it sounded like he was saying “Won’t you all just f*** off?” (a version often shouted by fans), but because stammerers might be upset. That’s 1960s BBC logic!