Top 10 Best Preserved Plantation Homes

Gaineswood, AL


This National Historic Landmark dates from 1861 and is a great example of the Greek Revival style of architecture, with its mix of different types of columns and contrasting colored stones. It is located in the city of Demopolis and is named after George Strother Gaines, who purchased the land in the 1820s and built a cabin there.But it would be the next owner – Gen. Nathan Bryan Whitfield – who would expand the land, start the cotton plantation and build the house where the cabin used to stand. It took years to perfect, but by 1861 the house was complete, along with artificial lake and gazebo. It was passed to the Alabama Historical Commission in 1971, and opened to the public 4 years later and it now has around 3,000 visitors a year. It is still decorated in the 1861 style and many of the furnishings were owned by General Whitfield. A must-see for history enthusiasts!