Top 10 Best Preserved Plantation Homes

Drayton Hall, SC

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Another great plantation house in South Carolina is Drayton Hall. Built in 1738 by John  Drayton, it remained in the family for 7 generations until it was sold to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1974. It is still preserved in the 18th century style, and is an exquisite example of Georgian-Palladian architecture, inspired by Andrea Palladio’s “The Four Books on Architecture“.The survival of the hall is particularly remarkable, given that it was used as a staging ground during the War of Independence and has seen numerous hurricanes as well as an earthquake nearby. It’s rare that you’ll see such a perfect example of both plantation house and battleground, and there are regular events at the Hall to encourage visitors to come and see it for themselves. This year sees the 30th Annual Spirituals Concert at the Hall, which shows that the National Trust want to honor not only the former owners of the house, but also the slaves who helped to make it great.