Top 10 Pristine Island Honeymoon Destinations



Bali is ranked tenth on this list because it is the least safe to travel to. Chances are you will be fine visiting it, but fanatical Islamic factions have been known to operate in the area. For this reason, it is not recommended for you to visit areas that are popular with tourists worldwide. Honeymoon destinations, however are much safer from things to worry about simply because they are more secluded. Many of Bali’s honeymoon spots are located far away from higher risk areas and rank among the most beautiful accommodations in the world. Because of the bad press of the past decade, the rates are usually cheaper than any of the locations on the list. However, if you make sure to do thorough research before embarking (do not trust your planning here to a travel agent alone), then rest assured you can bask worry-free in heavenly bliss. Bali is truly beautiful and there haven’t been any severe incidents to report in eight years, so this is a country that is definitely on the rebound